Would Naturi Naughton Do Playboy?

Naturi Naugton talks about her new role on NBC's "Playboy Club."

Actress Naturi Naughton is opening up about her role on NBC’s new series, “The Playboy Club.”

We all know wearing a tight little bunny suit can be sexy and empowering, but would Naughton ever pose for Playboy?

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In a very interesting interview with Huffington Post Black Voices, Naughton says she wouldn’t be opposed to posing for the famed magazine. “As far as me doing Playboy, I don’t want to confuse the lines for fans. I’m playing a Playboy bunny — that’s different from being in Playboy as a Naturi Naughton. I’m a character,” she says. “But I’m not saying that I wouldn’t do a fun thing with the magazine if it wasn’t something respectful and tasteful. I mean hey, you never know.”

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Kudos to Naughton for embracing her sexuality and taking her career to new heights.

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