Women We’d Love to See Play Aretha Franklin

Women We’d Love to See Play Aretha Franklin

Last year, Aretha Franklin announced she had been reviewing scripts for a possible biopic film based on her autobiography, and revealed that she wanted Oscar winner Halle Berry to play her. Berry kindly declined, saying, “I adore Aretha…ADORE her, but I’m sure she would want the actress to sing.”Sounds like a “no thank you,” to us, but Franklin persisted, sending Berry a message via talk show host Wendy Williams. “Many actors have portrayed vocalists by lip-synching to the artist’s original recordings,” the 68-year-old singer stated. As much as we see Aretha is pushing for Halle Berry, there are plenty of singers and actresses who could fit the bill. Here’s who we think would R-E-S-P-E-C-T playing the role of the Queen of Soul.

Jazmine Sullivan

Those plump cheekbones that make her resemble a young ReRe, that textured voice, and big sound make it hard not to think Jazmine Sullivan a natural choice to play Aretha Franklin.

Queen Latifah

It only makes sense for a Queen to play a Queen. With Latifah’s previously released singing albums, “The Dana Owens Album,” and Trav’lin Light", and role in the musical “Chicago” there is no reason for anyone to question her vocals. She’s also one star who could bring the big numbers in at the box office.


Comedienne and actress for the last 12 years, Oscar winner Mo’nique proved in 2009 with the film “Precious” that although she’s known for her silly side, she has a natural talent for more serious deep roles. Although she can’t sing a lick, seeing Mo’nique bring mama Aretha’s trials and tribulations to life would probably be piece of cake.

Jennifer Hudson

When the Aretha Franklin biopic was just a rumor, this was our number one pick for the role. Let’s be honest since Hudson’s Oscar win for Best Supporting Actress in “Dreamgirls,” she has yet to land a role that does all of her talents justice. With a voice as powerful as Aretha, and looks to follow suit Husdon is out number one pick for an Aretha Franklin biopic.

Amber Riley

Star of the hit show, “Glee” Amber Riley may be a little young for the role but with the right makeup and hair, Riley has enough singing and acting talent to really make her portrayal of Franklin work.


Fantasia has not only starred in a biopic of her own life, she is also involved in the reality series “Fantasia For Real," proving she has no problem being in front of the camera. Although her style is more Patti Labelle than Aretha, we are sure she would be able to make the proper adjustments considering how in real life ‘Tasia credits Aretha with helping her stay strong during her suicide crisis.

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Jill Scott

Since 2002 singer/songwriter Jill Scott has been involved in six major acting projects, which to her credit, were all successful. With a classically trained voice that leaves people in awe, Jilly from Philly is the go to girl for Franklin’s sass and swag.

Sharon Leal

We believe Sharon could embody the role of Aretha-cherubic cheeks and all. Leal, who played in 2006,”Dreamgirls,” already has experience playing the role of singer, and it would be refreshing to see her face on the big screen, because we just don’t see enough of her.

LaToya London

Considered one of the greatest “American Idol” voices, season 3 contestant LaToya London always took the competition to new levels with stunning renditions of hits like “Chain of Fools” and “Don’t Rain on My Parade.” Post-“Idol,” London caught the acting bug and joined the cast of “The Color Purple.” A singer and an actress? What a perfect combination.

Kelly Price

We love Ms. Kelly Price, because we’re reminded how her talent is truly missed in the music game. With a similar gospel upbringing as Franklin, we don’t doubt Kelly Price could embody the “spirit” in Aretha’s vocals. Seeing Kelly on the big screen? Now, that’s what you call a comeback.

Regina King

With one biopic under her belt, King successfully played the role of Ray’s mistress Margie Hendricks in the film “Ray.”While King may not be a singer, to Aretha point she did an awesome job lip-syncing the “Night Time is the Right Time,” with such conviction we still have chills.

Regina Hall

Known for her unique comedic roles on all the"Scary Movie," parodies, Hall shown her acting versatility onLaw and Order: Los Angeles. Regardless if she can sing or not Hall has the classic Aretha Franklin baby faced look that would make us feel like were really watching Aretha.


During her tenure on season 5 of “American Idol” finalist Mandisa Lynn Hundley is most memorable for her beautiful interpretations of soul classics. Like the Jennifer Hudson’s breakthrough in “Dreamgirls” a role playing the Queen of Soul could be this contestant’s big break.