Women’s March Organizers: Get Ready For The Next Women’s Strike!
Patrick Melon

The coordinators of the Women’s March have announced their next project in the hopes of maintaining the seismic momentum gained from last month’s protest in Washington.

The group revealed Monday that they were working on a women’s strike in the upcoming future. Outside of the title, “General Strike: A Day Without A Woman,” little else was shared of how it would look.

Their initial post on Instagram has already received a positive response and riled up women inspired by the march two weeks ago. Hundreds of thousands of women gathered in Washington, and around the world, to promote gender equality following President Donald Trump’s inauguration ceremony.

The president’s campaign was warped by sexist remarks, allegations of sexual assault and lewd comments about women, the Washington Post reports.

Trump’s first two weeks in office have been tumultuous, with a number of his executive orders and cabinet confirmations being met with pushback. His order to ban specific immigrants and refugees  from entering America has been especially chaotic.

A date for the strike has yet to be set, but we’ll keep you updated.