The wage gap between men and women is pretty well-known at this point and it’s also been noted that women of color make even less than white women. But now a new study finds that women of color in NYC make even less than their counterparts nationally.

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According to a report released Monday by NYC’s public advocate Letitia James, women in New York City not only earn $5.8 billion less than men annually, but the gap grows wider for women of color. Fusion notes that, “Hispanic women earn 54% less than white men (compared to 46% nationally), Black women earn 45% less (36% less nationally) and Asian women earn 37% less (14% less nationally).”

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James’s report suggests ways for the city to tackle the inequality, including creating an Equitable Pay and Opportunity Task Force to look at pay in public sector jobs where women earn 18% less than their male counterparts. The plan also calls to ban employers from asking for previous salaries, which can keep women on lower pay scales, and for city contractors to publicly disclose how much they pay employees.

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James told reporters, “There is simply no excuse for women to be paid less than men.The very government that is supposed to protect our equal rights is the worst culprit of them all.”

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