A Kansas City woman woke up to the surprise of a lifetime following a routine surgery and its’ all thanks to the love of her life.

Sumiko Jenkins was admitted to Saint Luke’s North hospital to have gallstones removed, but her boyfriend Johnathan Higgins had a few other plans in mind to make the day one she wouldn’t soon forget. Following her surgery, Johnathan approached Sumiko’s doctor with a request that no one saw coming when he asked for permission to slip an engagement ring on his girlfriend’s finger before she woke up.

After receiving the proper approval from the doctor and placing the ring on Sumiko’s finger, Johnathan figured the hard part was over. However, he says it took a little longer than expected for Sumiko to actually look down at her finger when she woke up. “She wouldn’t look down at her finger for nothin,” Johnathan told Fox 4 News. Sumiko says she could sense that something was up, but was confused as to what all the commotion was for at first.

“I saw the nurses coming in and out of the room, and I was like, ‘Why do they keep comin’ in and out of the room?'” she said.  It took a little help from Sumiko’s future mother-in-law for her to realize exactly what happened. “My mom finally said, ‘Girl, Johnathan drew all over your hands and stuff while you asleep’ and she just said, ‘For real?’ Johnathan recalled. “And then I look at it and I said, ‘Ahh’. Then I start crying,” Jennings told the news outlet.

The couple is reportedly planning to wed next April.