Woman Spitefully Texts Photo Of Dead Toddler To Baby’s Father During Fight
Courtesy of KABC

A woman in Pennsylvania killed her 17-month-old son Tuesday over a vengeful text-message fight with the child’s father.

Police have arrested Christian Clark of McKeesport, Pa. with charges of criminal homicide of the baby and attempted homicide of her two-year old daughter.

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Clark was apparently arguing with the boy’s father over the fact that she had to clean up toilet water that the kids spilled, and because she suspected the father, Andre Price Jr., of seeing another woman.

“Answer me or im going to jail for child endangerment,” she texted to him, part of a stream of dozens of texts that grew increasingly dangerous. These include photos of the baby lying face down on an air mattress. She also sent videos of both children, with the boy not responding.

Police say she later admitted via text of smothering the boy by holding him down.

The baby’s father on the other hand, said little in response—only sending a total of six text during her two-hour text rampage. Only after she sent video of the lifeless baby did he ask her to revive him. At this time, the police did not expect to file any charges against him.