New Details Released in Steve McNair Case

UPDATE: 10/20/09: New details of Steve McNair’s relationship with girlfriend have emerged via a police case summary, according to CNN. “My life is just s— and I should end it,” Kazemi said the night before the couple were found dead, according to Sonya New, her shift manager at a Dave & Busters restaurant. New also said Kazemi was not her usual self and seemed down.

Though McNair was a married father of four, he was seeing Kazemi and at least one other woman, Leah Ignagni, according to Nashville police. McNair had spent the night at Ignagni’s apartment on July 2, two nights before he was killed, Ignagni told police.

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Even though he passed away over three months ago, slain football star Steve McNair is still in the news. This time it’s because a Mississippi woman claims that McNair is the father of her 17-year old daughter, according to the

Clover Lee filed legal documents in Nashville asking the court for back child support and her daughter’s share of the former Tennessee Titan’s football fortune. The McNair estate is estimated at some $19.6 million.

In a statement, Lee’s attorney David Pitre said that they are prepared to hand over DNA testing which will conclude the girl is McNair’s daughter.

Problem is McNair didn’t prepare a will before the 36-year-old was shot by his girlfriend last 4th of July in a condo he secretly owned with her. His wife and widow, Mechelle McNair has filed a petition naming four children as heirs including their sons Trenton, 6, and Tyler, 11, as well as two sons from previous relationships, Steve McNair Jr., 17, and Steven O’Brian Koran McNair, 15. His widow, Mechelle, is entitled to 40 percent of the net value of his entire estate.

Why do you think Clover Lee waited this long to petition for child support?

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