Kansas Woman Receives Anonymous Letter: ‘This Neighborhood Does Not Need Any Blacks’
Imagine coming home to find a handwritten letter reading, “This neighborhood does not need any blacks in it.” That is exactly what happened to Nancy Wirths from Wichita, Kansas. Wirths was sent an anonymous letter complaining about the “black children” at her residence. “We have noticed there are some black children at your residence,” the letter read. “Maybe you are running a daycare or these are your children.” The children who the anonymous letter refers to are Wirths’ nine grandchildren — six of who are Black. “In either case, we have put our house for sale,” the letter read in dramatic fashion. Racist Man Who Killed Lebanese Neighbor Charged With Hate Crime “This neighborhood does not need any blacks in it.” Wirth admittedly finds herself puzzled about the whole circumstance. “I thought it was a joke,” Wirths told KWCH News. “These people are moving out of their house because of my black African-American grandkids?” Woman’s Confrontation with Racist Neighbor Turns into Trending Hashtag The letter goes on to accuse Wirths’ family of demonstrating “a great disrespect” to the neighborhood. “I can’t even fathom what I could have done to make somebody this mad,” she said. “We love the neighborhood and the people who have supported us behind this,” Wirths told the KWCH reporter. “There’s no need for us to move, but if the people who wrote the letter need help packing, I’m sure we have quite a few people that would love to assist in the packing.” Police are investigating the source of the letter.


Racist Letter to Neighbors

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