You may be close to your senior year and freaking out that your experience isn’t as popping as you would want it to be. Take a deep breath and lets get you on the quest to find the best fit. Now, your experience can make or break you. I’m here to let you know that with an internship, there are so many benefits!

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Social Network

Full time employees and other interns are essential to your growth. An internship is the absolute best opportunity for you to network, daily. This network should consist of everyone you know that can help advance you personally and professionally. Take advantage of any social gatherings with co-workers to build those connections and bonds. Your internship experience is always going to be as good as you make it, and getting to know those you work with is major.

Resume Builder 

An internship will give you the energy boost and confidence you need to apply to places you wouldn’t have before. Prior to having a lot of experience, I was so nervous to apply to certain internships because I felt “unqualified.” Honestly, how are you supposed to gain experience unless you apply to any opportunity that presents itself? The more consistent work and opportunities on your resume, the more likely you will be given more work in your desired field.

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Skill Booster

An internship is the key way to build concrete skills in such a short period of time. You will be challenged to try new abilities and to refine the old. Going to class to hear enlightening discussions or completing an A worthy assignment is great, but employers want to see you apply what you have learned. Internships helps you to gain real world experiences that may be more beneficial than what you learn Monday through Friday in that small corner classroom.

Industry Sneak Peek

You are practically being handed gold when you step foot through the doors of your internship. My main piece of advice here is to socialize and talk. Walk around and ask questions, express your interest in a specific project that is in the works or shadow people from various departments. Everything at your internship will not be handed to you on a silver platter, but if you learn to use your resources, your internship may feel like all of the riches in the world.

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Interns for Hire

A company will always try to work inside their company before they out source for extra help. If you have an internship, you automatically have an advantage in front of other candidates for the job. Now, you want me to tell you how? You know the culture of the organization. You’re familiar with any current projects or initiatives they are working on. Your internship experience was used as an experiential education program to recruit full-timers, and the list goes on.

Logan Nelson (@logantylerr) is a senior Communication major at Howard University. She is extremely passionate about being an advocate for women of color and takes pride in her creative generation.