Why Glow in the Dark Hair is The Hottest Hair Trend of 2016

2015 was filled with cool hair trends: crochet braids, faux locs, textured bangs, high ponytails—the list goes one. So naturally 2016 is off to a great start. To kick off the year, women are sporting glow in the dark hair all over Instagram. During the day, hair looks simply fun and colorful, but this look truly comes alive in the night time and hair illuminates when standing under a backlight. “Glow in the dark colors are temporary dyes and are completely gentle and safe for your hair,” says Matrix SoColor Stylist, George Papanikolas. “The only thing is that they look best over highlighted and previously lightened hair.”

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Thus far, popular color brands include: Manic Panic Pink Semi-Permanent Hair Color Cream, Splat Glows in the dark temporary hair color, Iglow Temporary Glow in the Dark Hair Gel, and UV Hair Color Rinse, but any color could work as long as you select a color without ammonia, and don’t need peroxide or developers as they don’t need to swell the cuticle to deposit.

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Looking for vibrant color? Dye your naturally colored hair, but Papanikolas suggests it’s the “most vibrant over previously lightened hair.”

And of course there’s maintenance. “These colors tend to fade fairly quickly so color refresh needs to be a regular process to maintain the intensity,” says Papanikolas. “Color safe shampoos like Matrix Biolage ColorLast help maintain the tone, and incorporating Matrix Style Link Gloss Booster to your regular styling product increases the reflectiveness.” Additionally, keeping your shampooing to a minimum also helps keep the color vibrant.

Will you try the trend? Are you into this?