Although she specializes in the often serious world of politics, author and political analyst Donna Brazile showcased her sense of humor today in the newsroom. 

Stopping in to tape a segment for ESSENCE Live Debates, the Democratic pundit took some time to visit with the staff. Taking note of the team hard at work on their computers and the internet, she jokingly declared that all of it was possible thanks to one of her past employers.

“Ya’ll have Al Gore to thank for all of this,” she said, referring to Gore’s role in the commercialization of the internet. “Look at everybody on their MacBooks,” she said as she surveyed the room and lightening the mood with her jovial sensibilities. “Yup this is all him.” 

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Pausing for effect, she continued on. “But see me, I don’t need the Internet. I’ve got the Holy Ghost up in me. That’s what really connects people, that’s all I need. Ya’ll can have that.”