Why Does Jidenna Dress the Way That He Does? The Answer May Surprise You
Matthew Eisman/Getty Images

Have you ever wondered the origins of Jidenna’s spiffy style? 

In an interview with Billboard magazine, the Wondaland singer said that his father’s death in 2010 greatly influenced his clothing choices.

“It was my way of grieving initially,” he told the magazine. “People thought ‘Classic Man’ was processed. But then they realized, ‘Oh, this guy actually is that man, and he actually dresses like that.’”

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But that’s not all: The dapper singer said that he wears what he wears because he wants to channel the Jim Crow era and invoke a sense of racial urgency.

“I wanted to make sure I was a walking poster, almost like a ghost of the past,” he said. “America is haunted by an apparition steeped in slavery, and I wanted to remind everyone that, ‘Yo, we’ve got to handle this.’”