A Georgia high school has launched an investigation after a student found a racist note reading “WHITES ONLY” inside a bathroom last Thursday.

According to CBS46, Treavor Smith was the one who found the note and posted it to social media, stating that it wasn’t the first time that the Breman High School has seen acts of racism.

“I brought this to light because it’s not the first time that racism has taken over our school,” said Smith.

Breman High, according to the report, has a student body consisting of 90% white students, while 8% are Black.

The school was quick to condemn the message the note sent, but also claimed that it was a “fabrication” meant to “incite a response around an extremely sensitive topic.

Nonetheless, those involved with the note have reportedly been dealt with.

“Upon further investigation, the high school administration discovered that the widely publicized incident from yesterday was, in fact, a fabrication. The orchestrated behavior was intended to incite a response around an extremely sensitive topic. The student(s) involved are being dealt with in terms of discipline. It does not appear the sign was ever posted for students to see” said Bremen High School principal Tim Huff.