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White Woman Calls Cops On Black Man Because His Dog Humped Hers

The woman, who has since been dubbed Dog Park Debbie, took issue with Franklin Baxley's dog mounting her dog at the Attleboro Dog Park in Attleboro, Mass.
If you ever had doubt that white people will call the cops on Black people for anything, allow me to introduce you to “Dog Park Debbie,” a white woman who called the cops on a Black man simply because his dog humped hers in a dog park where dogs are meant to unwind and do normal doggy things. Franklin Baxley, 42, told Yahoo Lifestyle, that the woman called police to the Attleboro Dog Park in Attleboro, Mass. after one of his pit bulls greeted her dog by pouncing on him.

“I visit this park twice a day and all the dogs get excited when a new one is here,” Baxley said “When the woman came in, my dog Dusse ran over and humped hers, so I immediately removed him and apologized, explaining that he’s a puppy.”

Dusse repeated his excited play twice, with Baxley and the woman pulling him off again, but that was when the situation escalated.

“She said, ‘I think you need to leave because your dog keeps doing that,’” Baxley explained “I said I wasn’t leaving, and she took out her phone and called 911. It escalated quick.”

Baxley filmed several snippets of his interaction with the woman. In the footage, you can hear his disbelief (and outrage) that this is what simple play had come to.

Why did this lady just call the cops on me claiming my dog “assaulted” her dog when it tried to hump her dog 🤔😂😂😂

Posted by Franklin Baxley on Wednesday, February 27, 2019
“Have you heard of BBQ Becky? Because this is the newest one,” Baxley replied. Another white woman, whom Yahoo identified as a park employee, could be heard chiming in telling Baxley, “That’s inappropriate for the dog park. I know it’s normal…” Apparently, “normal” behavior is “inappropriate.” Color me confused. “You cannot allow your dog to aggressively hump another dog,” the other woman continued. To add even more irony to the situation, apparently, once Dog Park Debbie got off of the phone, her dog started humping Baxley’s, to which she had nothing to say.

Here she is saying my dog assaulted her dog as her dog “assaults” my dog and she says nothing.

Posted by Franklin Baxley on Wednesday, February 27, 2019
Then of course, after calling the cops for nothing, Dog Park Debbie decides to act like she was being threatened because Baxley refused to stand down and take the treatment she was trying to subject him to. “Get away from me, get away from me!” she screams as Baxley trails several feet behind her, trying to keep his humor up. “I don’t have to go where you tell me to go, lady,” Baxley insists. Eventually, a cop does respond to the woman’s calls. However, rather than dismiss the ridiculousness of the situation, the officer questions if Baxley left his car running while he let his dogs run around. “I can’t leave it running?” Baxley asks. “No sir, that’s actually a small vehicle citation…so you can’t leave it running,” the officer says. Baxley offers to go turn it off. “She told me to leave the park because my dog assaulted her dog by humping him. That’s where we’re at, sir,” Baxley adds. “And I threaten her by standing next to her.” The officer tells Baxley, a former attorney mind you, that this could be considered assault. “Don’t do that to people. That could be considered as an assault,” the officer said. Right.

Here is the one where she starts behaving as if she is threatened by me and is accusing me of following her around the park as I am following my dogs like any other dog owner. I was annoyed, so I began mocking her. Sorry, not sorry.

Posted by Franklin Baxley on Thursday, February 28, 2019
  Despite the horrible interaction, Baxley told Yahoo Lifestyle that he has every intention of continuing his daily trips to the park. “This woman wanted to impress upon me that she was superior,” he said. “Her first instinct was to call the police when in conflict with a Black person.”