White Supremacists Arrested For Planning Bombings At Black Churches
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Men in Chesterfield, Virginia were arrested on Sunday after allegedly plotting to initiate a “race war.”

CNN reports that the Virginia natives sought to target “black people and people of jewish path” in a plot to carry out plans of White supremacy.

Police Apprehend Suspect in St. Louis Church Fires

The two men, Robert Curtis Doyle and Ronald Beasley Chaney III, were arrested in an undercover FBI sting carried out with an agent posing as an illegal arms dealer. Doyle and Chaney wanted weaponry and explosives to execute attacks on black churches and synagogues.

According to officials on the case, “they were a long way from actually pulling off an attack.”

Authorities had become abreast to plans of the alleged attacks in late September as the federal bureau of investigation received information that Doyle was hosting fellow supremacists in his home to discuss various violent topics.

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