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White Nationalists Gather In Charlottesville Again As Trump Continues Criticism Of Protests Against Racial Inequality


Less than two months after a White Nationalist rally resulted in the deaths and injuries of counter-protestors in Charlottesville, another group of the same kind returned to the area yet again. 

Similar to the previous meet up in August, a group of 40-50 white supremacists gathered at Charlottesville’s Emancipation Park on Saturday evening for what they described as a “flashmob.” According to ABC News, the group marched briefly through the park, carrying tiki torches and led by a single white male with a bullhorn while chanting, “You will not replace us, you will not erase us!”

Unlike the August rally, the white nationalist flashmob reportedly dispersed within 10 minutes. Charlottesville city officials have since announced plans to form a task force in hopes of implementing state and local policies to prevent any future torch-lit hate rallies from taking place in the city altogether.

The disgraceful meet up comes in the wake of President Donald Trump continuing his verbal war on NFL players and other public figures who have chosen to join the Colin Kaepernick-inspired #TakeTheKnee movement, protesting against police brutality and other social inequalities targeting African-Americans.

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