White Officers Blame Dismissal On Discrimination After Tackling Pregnant Black Teen
Northwest Prep Academy

Two white Tennessee police officers were recently fired after video footage surfaced, showing them slamming a pregnant Black teen student to the ground during an arrest. The officers involved are now claiming their dismissal was a result of discrimination. 

Officers Henry Todd and Richard Pinner, who were involved in the shameful 2013 incident, say they believe they were only fired because of their race. The video footage clearly shows the officers forcefully manhandling the underaged pregnant teen, which would seem enough grounds for immediate dismissal, but the two officers somehow think there’s more to the story.

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As a basis for their claims, the officers allege to have overheard the former school principal say, “If those white officers hurt my black babies, I’m going to have them fired.”

According to WBRC News, the principal has since denied making any such statement.

The case is currently awaiting trial.