Why Is The White House Stalling On Eliminating The Term ‘Negro’ From All Federal Forms?
AndreyPopov/Getty Images

The use of the term ‘Negro’ as an acceptable description of a Black person has a layered history that the White House may reportedly be to turning the page on sooner than later. But what’s the delay?

According to NPR, the Trump Administration is currently weighing the decision of whether or not to remove the archaic term from forms and federal standards where it still exists. The Administration was reportedly aiming to have a decision made by December 1, but are remaining tight-lipped about the reason behind the delay.

So the question many are wondering is, what’s taking so long to decide to remove it?

Although it’s unclear where, or if, the term is actually still in use on any federal forms at present, the current federal standard does allow for the use of the word. Moreover, governments, hospitals and schools across many states still rely on federal standards to make the determination of what terms and language is considered acceptable when making a determination about ethnicity and race on their forms.

Along with the NAACP and other civil rights organizations, Urban League president Marc Morial believes the retiring of the word across the board is long overdue. Morial’s response to White House’s delay in the decision-making process was clear and to the point.

“There is a very clear consensus that the obsolete term ‘Negro’ should be eliminated,” Morial said in a statement. “We urge the administration to proceed immediately, keeping the fairness and accuracy of the census at the forefront of concern.”