Three Black women— Symone Sanders, Ashley Etienne and Karine Jean-Pierre—have been selected to serve in senior positions on the Biden-Harris communications team. They, alongside Elizabeth E. Alexander, Kate Bedingfield and Pili Tobar, make up the first time in history communications roster completely composed of women.

“Ready to serve accurately describes how I feel,” Sanders wrote on Twitter once the news broke. “Thank you Madam Vice President-elect @KamalaHarris for entrusting me with this charge. It has been the honor of my life to work for @JoeBiden & I am elated to have the opportunity to continue to that work in the PEOPLE’S HOUSE.” Sanders has spent the past few years working as a political commentator and more recently worked with Senator Bernie Sanders and President-Elect Biden on their respective campaigns. She will now be the Senior Advisor and Chief Spokesperson for Madam Vice President Harris.

Etienne, the new Communications Director for the Vice President, has worked in political communications for 19 years and worked as an assistant to former President Barack Obama. She also served as communications director and and senior advisor to Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House of Representatives. Karine Jean-Pierre, the principal deputy press secretary, works as an activist and organizer. She operated as the chief of staff for Madame Vice President from August—November 2020.

“I am profoundly honored to be the Principal Deputy Press Secretary for @JoeBiden,” Jean-Pierre shared on Twitter.

Additionally, Elizabeth E. Alexander is the new Communications Director for the First Lady, Kate Bedingfield is the White House Communications Director, Jen Psaki is the White House Press Secretary and Pili Tobar is the Deputy White House Communications Director.

Congratulations to all of these talented and qualified ladies! We look forward to hearing their voices and watching them work over the next 4 years.

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