A South Carolina barber who pulled a gun on one of his clients has absolutely no shame about his arguably racist actions.

Resident Arthur Hill says he was in need of a shave before work because his job as a food handler doesn’t permit him to have facial hair, so he stopped in hoping to get a cut at a nearby shop.

As he entered the shop and asked for a shave, he says 65-year-old barber Larry Thomas blatantly told him “I don’t do Black hair.”

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Taken aback by the response, Hill says it was the next exchange of words that strangely led Thomas to reach for his gun, according to WCNC Charlotte.

“I said, ‘Are you referring to African American hair?’ He said, ‘Yeah,’ and at that time, I noticed he already had his hand gripped on a .38 snub nose chrome revolver.”

Thomas didn’t deny making the statement to Hill and other African-American customers, claiming he doesn’t do Black hair because he doesn’t know how. “I’ve had black people come in the door before and I tell them I don’t cut black hair,” he said. 

Hill later reflected on how Thomas’ actions caused him to fear for his life, which led him to contact police and report the incident.

“I was shocked, I was shocked for my life, because I’m thinking that could’ve been me laying on the floor dead,” he said. “He did not point it at me, but it was clear in sight like he meant business.”

Following the bizarre encounter, Thomas spent the night in jail and was charged with pointing and presenting a firearm.

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