Curl care shouldn’t stop when the sun sets. Use those eight sleeping hours to intensely moisturize and protect your strands—it makes a big difference says Los Angeles curly hair expert, Shai Amiel. Fragile curly strands can get “roughed up” during a night of tossing and turning. Armed with this knowledge we set out to find the best products to prevent tress trauma and nourish your curls while you catch some z’s.

The best hair tie
Amiel says satin is the only fabric that should come in contact with your curls at night. Satin’s smooth slip prevents tangles and breakage.  Vlogger EboniCurls line of satin scrunchies, scarves, bonnets and pillowcases are functional and stylish. They stay on all night, won’t create a mega crease in your curls, and come in super cute colors (

The best mask for moisturization
DevaCurl Heaven in Hair is safe to use overnight because it won’t create buildup on your strands. Apply it before bed then rinse in the morning for soft, hydrated curls. This product is a great deep conditioner for transitioning styles.

The best mask for strengthening
Kinky-Curly Midnight Miracle has the added benefit of containing strand strengthening soy protein. Use this if your hair has extreme color or heat damage.

The best get-up-and-go overnight treatment
L’Oreal Paris EverStrong Overnight Repair Treatment is a rinse-free dream come true. The gel serum won’t weigh your hair down and absorbs quickly. And since you don’t have to lather up to wash it out, it’s your best bet for a quick curl fix.

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