Where Should Our Energy Be Focused, Post-Charleston?
AP Photo/David Goldman

In the days following the horrific hate crime that claimed the lives of nine people at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal church in South Carolina, several issues regarding the case have resurfaced.

Gun control and the conversation surrounding it has taken precedence again as people wonder what can be done to stop senseless killings and stricter gun laws. The death penalty has also been a topic on hand as many advocate for it when it comes to hate crimes. Others wonder if it’s the most effective or moral punishment.

Protestors have also gathered around South Carolina’s capitol to call for legislators to take down a Confederate flag that flies there. New images of Dylann Roof, the accused killer, surfaced over the weekend, showing him holding up the Confederate flag—another shows him burning the American flag. Protestors are asking when the offensive nature of a symbol or image trumps its “historical value?”

With so many issues to tackle when it comes to guns, hate crimes and the overall state of race relations in America, where do you think our energy should lie moving forward?

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