Choices abound when it comes to selecting Fierce and Fabulous Black women who inspire and motivate us. After coming up with our own 40 Fierce and Fab lists, we reached out to our Facebook readers to find out who they thought fit the bill. Here’s what they had to say: Kimberly said: “Oprah because of her ability to overcome obstacles and also because of her generosity to all mankind. She has shown that one can overcome obstacles and the benefits can be used to help others. Ashley said: “Michelle Obama…Period! Shanet said: “My mother for being the sole provider of five children and raising us to be the respectful ambitious adults we are today all while battling cancer then succumbing to it after 13 years. I’ll respect her forever.” Stephani said: “I have to give props to Michelle, Beyonce and Jada. All three in loving marriages to black men and have their own prosperous careers. All three are gorgeous women in their own right.” Ashley said: “All Black women are Fierce and Fabulous in my eyes.” Larry said: “Tyra Banks because she young, beautiful, rich and is giving back in so many ways.” Freespirit said: “I am because I am true to myself and I live my life according to the plan set forth by the most high. I am a great mother, wife, and friend. I love people and strive to be a good example for young Black girls.” Nannette said: “Iman because her timeless beauty never goes out of style.” Angela said: “Michelle Obama, because she is smart, intelligent, and she can hold her own! Oprah Winfrey, because she is smart, intelligent, and she can hold her own as well.” Manuela said: “Me, you…us. We are grandmothers mothers, daughters, aunts, sisters cousins and friends. We inspire and aspire. Everyday we overcome abuse, oppression and depression. We nurture, mentor and adore the beautiful black women we are.” Sara said: “The Fiercest, and most Fabulous Black woman (alive) is Winnie Mandela.” Laurie said: “Diahann Carroll and Angela Bassett. Always so graceful and poised.” Hermione said: “The late and great Coretta Scott King and Betty Shabazz. They held their own before, during, and after marrying two of the most powerful men in the world.”