A writer on suggested that if woman truly want equality, they should be comfortable with splitting the bill on dates. We asked our Facebook friends how they felt about that. Here’s what you had to say: Kat: “[I will pay] only when I make the date. I went out on a date and the guy pushed the bill towards me. That was our first and last date!” Carolyn: “I guess [we should pay] since we’re the ones with all the money these days.” Rhonda: “The equality that we seek has nothing to do with dating. It has to do with equal pay for equal work and equal rights. Men need to stop with the dumb stuff and man up!” Ayana: “What’s wrong with a diva footing the tab sometimes?” Elaine: “If I’m ‘dating’ I think the man should pay. It’s just the man thing to do.” Vella: “When I go out on a date, I expect the man to pay. I’m just old fashioned with old school notions I guess.” Kimberly: ” Who pays on the date, doesn’t have anything to do with equality. A gentleman will always expect to pick up the tab. Now if his lady offers to pay because she wants to, that’s different. …If you always have to pay, it’s time to leave that ‘broke’ brother alone.” LaTrice: “[Paying the bill] has nothing to do with equality and everything to do with possible chivalry.” Jackie: “I don’t do dutch! I think it’s irritating figuring numbers when my purpose of dating is to relax and enjoy. We alternate. One week my guys foots the bill and the next week, it’s all on me.” Chana: “If men and women truly knew what their roles were, this question would not even be entertained. Maybe what we need to do is sit down and speak to our elders and learn from them on how to be honorable towards one another.” Nikki: “There’s nothing wrong with a woman paying the bill, but not on the first date, because if I have to, it will be our last date.”