In light of news breaking recently that Vanessa Bryant was tipped off to soon-to-be-ex husband Kobe’s cheating by other basketball wives, we took to Facebook to ask you what you think the rule on this should be. We asked, “Would you tell your girlfriend her husband was cheating?” Your response was overwhelming, and judging from what you told us, it looks like the jury’s still out on this one.

Those Against it Said:

Women Don’t Want to Know
Kimberly: “I did and she got mad at me! I lost a friend and I don’t think she even believed that he was being shady. Women say they want to know, but some of them really don’t.”

It’s Almost Always a Bad Idea
Angelina: “Experience has taught me that it’s best to keep my mouth shut.”

It Could Backfire
Melanie: “I told one of my girlfriends about her man & she accused me of wanting him. I will never do that again; my friends r on their own.”

They Could Still Work It Out
Beverly: “I once saw my best friends man who was due to be married the next day out on a date with a woman..He nearly ran out of the place once he spotted me there…He was supposed to be at a bachelor party..I never said a word to her…They stayed married for thirty years and now he’s dead and I still would never tell her…”

It’s Just None of Your Business
Mhs ChoirGirl: “Personal information between husband and wife should stay between husband and wife. No extras are needed when they are trying to work things out.”

Those For it Said:

That’s What Real Friends Do
La Faith: “YES with no hesitation and pray she will still be there as my FRIEND. Real Friends will always be Honest with each other!”

Wouldn’t You Want to Know?
Quandetta: “i would ask her if she would want me to tell her if i knew something.”

Only If You’re Close
Linda: “It depends on how close of a friend she to me. In other words that kinda news is not receive well from all girlfriends….but if I knew that he was cheating with a person that had HIV or its Big brother, Hell yea,I would tell a stranger that news….ONE LOVE, ONE GOD, ONE WAY.”

Only If You Have Proof
Dalia: “Only if I could show the person by recording the encounter of the two, telling these days is not enough. Now, if he or she don’t want to believe what they see, that’s on them.”

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