Ever since rumors began swirling through Hollywood about Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith possibly pulling the plug on their marriage, the reaction from fans has been tremendous. The topic was trending on Twitter before reports had been confirmed or denied.

Shock and sadness ensued as those who consider the couple to be role models hoped for the best. Others seemed shocked that it was even big news at all. Before Will and Jada revealed that their marriage is “intact” we asked ESSENCE.com Facebook fans what they thought about the rumors. Here’s a look at what you had to say.

The Non Believers Said…

“Sounds like somebody is bored in the journalism world …geesh! So quick to break up the brothers but drool over those damn royal people!” — Kimberly Shoe Gal Thomas

“Will and Jada are ‘UNBREAKABLE’- Alicia Keys” — MissDeejay Olskool

“UUUGH…I’m so tired of rumors, lies, and bullshit in the media… I’m glad their marriage is still intact… but really there are more serious matters to focus on.” – Pat Singletary

“Obviously it was a slow news day. SMH @ Yellow Journalism.” – Ashley Prince

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The Believers Said…

“I hope it’s not true it’s rare to see famous black marriages last. I like them and don’t hear much negative things bout them.” – Brandy Warren

“This is not good… always felt they were a perfect couple, but this just goes to show that you never know what’s going on on the inside :(“ – Ruthie Sherice-Sumler

“Well. we don’t know what goes on behind closed doors. We smile and act like everything is ok in public. however, I would be surprised if this one were true. They seem to have it together.” — Roslyn Taylor-akinware

“They’re people like everyone else. They are human and have real issues like anyone else. Is this news worthy? Smh” — Donna White

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The Couple’s Fans Said…

“Say it ain’t so!!! We need more strong, stable families in the black community. Luv Will & Jada together & individually as artists.” — Tara Jaynes

“They are the perfect couple. I hope all is well with the both.” — Nicole Jackson

“I don’t believe this one. They will have to come out and do a press conference before I believe the power couple is splitting up.” – Rhonda Billings

What was your reaction to the Will and Jada breakup rumors?