Have you ever glanced across a room and stopped on someone who literally took your breath away? This guy didn’t just make you weak in the knees. He had you standing there, open-mouthed, puppy-dog-eyed, picturing your wedding day, first born child and golden anniversary. Some would call that love at first sight. A new study at Syracuse University suggests that it that it takes less than one second for someone to fall in love, meaning love at first sight is not just some myth, but really possible. We asked our Facebook friends if they’ve ever fallen hard in an instant. Here are their stories… Bobbi: “I met my husband when I was 19. I did fall in love with him the first moment that I saw him. We didin’t start dating until five years after we met, but we have been married for 15 years. It is possible.” Carlyle: “I have experienced love at first sight. Although it was one-sided, it was a spiritual connection that I treasure to this day.” Mary: “I was 15 in English class when my then boyfriend, now husband, fell in love with me. I took a while longer, but I knew at the time that he was special. We are 36 now!” Keesher: “It did happen to me only once and it was the best relationship I ever had. The chemistry was just there. It is hard to describe that feeling, but it was great while it lasted.” Madysiin: I have fallen in love at first sight. It always ends in disaster. The sight only sees what it desires to see.”  Tonya: “I have fallen in love at first sight or I just met my soul mate and our twin souls reconnected. You cannot control who you love. Love is so powerful that it controls you. I have fallen in love with the same man numerous times for nearly 20 years.” Dionne: “I saw him across the jury room. He was tall and handsome. I fell in love with him. Now we have been married for three years.” Gabrielle: “I met my husband one summer evening at the basketball court and have loved him ever since.” Have you ever fallen in love at first sight? Tell us about it here.