“Would you date an older woman?”

“My first marriage was to an older woman. When we dated, the focus was too much on getting married and having children. I wasn’t ready for all that. A woman closer to my age is more in sync with me in terms of career goals and what we want out of life.” —Shaun J., 31, entrepreneur

“I love older women. A grown woman just has a certain self-confidence that attracts me. It’s not that she doesn’t need a man; she’s just independent. That makes me want her even more. I like a challenge, and I want to get to know her so I can figure out what she needs and fill that space.” —Will B., 27, actor

“No. My daughter’s mother is ten years older than me. She and I had a great journey, but these days, I’m looking for someone my age, maybe a few years younger. I want more children, and I think an older woman is more likely to say, ‘We have a lot in common, but no, this is it.'” —Wil T., 39, transit conductor

“Yes. Dating younger women is difficult for me, because I feel like they just don’t have enough life experience. When I’m dating someone my age or a little older, the relationship is not so focused on teaching each other about life but experiencing it and building and growing.” —Karl W., 32, entrepreneur

“Before I was married, I dated a woman who was ten years older than me. I was in my twenties. She seemed to know what she wanted out of life and didn’t play the games of youth. It was refreshing to have it straight up. I think she made me grow up a little bit in relationships.” —Desmond E., 49, physician