“Her neck and shoulders. I just think they’re the most feminine part of a woman. It wasn’t until recently that I began to notice all the subtleties that make women attractive. A while back a lady in a summer dress caught my eye because of how the dress accentuated her neck and shoulders. Jewelry is a plus because that also shows off a woman’s neck.”
-Maurice M., 33, ad agency project manager

“I’m hung up on women’s mouths. Everything from their lips to the way that their tongue moves to their accent, especially if it’s British or southern. One favorite feature is a gap between a woman’s front teeth. It’s extremely attractive. And another thing: When it comes to the lips, I prefer a natural gloss like cocoa butter or shea butter. They smell good and make me want to kiss her over and over and over.”
-Dale R., 35, retail store manager

“Her stomach. Over the past few years I have begun to take better care of myself and am attracted to ladies who do the same, so I notice a nice, slim waist. Not rail thin, though. That’s just not my thing. I actually feel inclined to look at a woman’s stomach before I look at anything else on her body. I find it sexy because it shows that she really cares about her appearance.”
-Wil R., 40, entertainment lawyer

Definitely her legs. Even in the wintertime, when a woman has stockings on, you can still notice a great pair. In the summer, I say the more you can see, the better. I like them toned, no tattoos and definitely not ashy. Often people forget to take care of their legs as well as they might take care of their hands or face. It’s hard work to get your legs to a certain state, but when a woman does, it won’t go unnoticed.”
-Ifeanyi A., 26, engineer

An essence.com poll, 40% of Essence readers told us there’s no body part sexier than a man’s eyes.