“What would women be surprised to find out about men?”

“Sex and intimacy are two completely different things for men. We can have sex without any intimacy and vice versa. When we arrive at the point in a relationship where we enjoy just hanging out without trying to seduce you, that’s when you know we’re actually into you.”
-Rich W., 28, marketing manager



“Sometimes a man might walk around acting as if he’s Superman, but he’s not, and he knows it. We have insecurities just like women do. Men wonder, Am I good-looking? Thin? Successful? Smart? If what you want is a man to really love you and truly trust you, do whatever you can to help him understand that he can talk about those things with you and not be seen as less of a man because of it.”
-Christopher G., 34, musician


“As a man, I’m always going to stand by my word. If I tell you I’m going to do something, I’ll do it. If I tell you I am going to take you somewhere, I will take you. You don’t have to remind me. I am a professional, and I pay attention. I’ll remember the details of our first date.”
-Yves P., 49, photographer



“We really hate it when you play hard to get. A lot of women won’t even approach guys. They just refuse to do it for some reason. I say go after what you want, and just tell him what you want! If he gives it to you, he’s into you. If he doesn’t, then he’s not really interested.”
Christopher M., 36, design consultant

WHAT YOU SAID                                                                                                          In an essence.com poll, 64% of Essence readers said they don’t know what men want from women.