“Is it important that the woman in your life get along with your mother?”

“My mom has fallen in love with a girl or two from my past. I don’t know if it’s the mother–daughter connection or if she thought the young lady was right for me. It did influence my decision to stay in the relationship a little bit. It’s a nice feeling seeing your girlfriend and your mother become cool and talk. It makes you feel like you made a good choice.” —Sherod K., 28, recording artist

“No. I can’t remember my mother being excited about any woman I’ve dated. She doesn’t think any woman is good enough for me. It would be nice if my mother and my lady got along, but if they don’t, I won’t take sides. I would still love my boo even if my mother didn’t like her. I admit I’m a mama’s boy, but my mom doesn’t run my personal life.” —Ajayé B., 31, model

“My mother has been head over heels for any woman I’ve ever brought home. In her mind, everyone is The One! The quality of the relationship is determined by me and my love interest. My mother’s opinion does not make a difference. I’ve definitely dated women that my mom wouldn’t like—but she never met them. And I have to say, if my woman dissed Mom, I’d have to show her the door. Hey, I only have one mom.” —Kevin A., 40, mortgage broker

“Yes. My mother has always been my best friend whom I can go to with any problem. And now my wife has taken on that same role. Thank God my wife and my mother get along great. If the two most important women in my life didn’t see eye to eye, it would cause unnecessary problems and heartache for us all.” —Tim R., 46, radio account executive

“I’ve dated two women that my mom loved. I thought their compatibility demonstrated long-term potential. When I dated a woman who didn’t get along with my mother, it wasn’t a great experience. I couldn’t enjoy myself at events where they were both present. My mother can tell who’s really not into me. In the end, her intuition was right!” —Alex S., 32, associate marketing manager