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We're Obsessed: Rainbow Freckles Are The Newest Beauty Craze

Seeing spots. Lots and lots of colorful spots!
We’re Obsessed: Rainbow Freckles Are The Newest Beauty Craze
Instagram Makeup: @eliotte_mua | Photo: @diliaoviedo

Beauty is entering a refreshingly new space. Designers and artists are throwing out their beauty rule books and ushering in a new era that embraces natural beauty with a twist. Glowing skin is the standard, but we’re starting to favor artistic accents like gilded lips and brows, and playing with color in a new way on and off of the runway. The newest trend to look out for is a fresh take on an old favorite: freckles. Those auburn and rosy-hued spots that sprinkle your nose and cheeks have quickly risen to beauty stardom as designers and makeup artists alike try to mimic them using stencils, metallic paints and liquid liners. The newest freckle craze is equal parts tribal and fun. Artists are using colorful pigments in beautiful, bold hues to create rainbow spots that are the perfect look to channel your inner flower child, or sport at the next music festival that you attend. 

Curious about how you can get the look? Take a skinny makeup brush and flip it over. Dip the tip into your favorite liquid lipstick(s) and lightly press the pigment into your cheeks. Be sure your spots vary in size for added character. If you’re unsure of which colors to use, take a cue from makeup artist, Elliote Casimiro (artist behind our lead image) and use vibrant hues like yellow, indigo and green.

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