Wendy Williams Says ‘Empire’ Could Do Without Terrence Howard
Andrew Toth/Getty Images

Wendy Williams is not opposed to Terrence Howard being dethroned from the Lyon empire.

The Huffington Post reports that last week on The Wendy Williams Show, Williams said that if Howard, the star of Fox’s Empire, were to be removed from the show for his abusive history, she would not miss him.

“Terrence Howard, your personal life has taken over to where if, by chance, they took you off the show, I would be happier than mad,” she told her audience.

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Howard has been accused of domestic abuse by multiple ex-wives. Though in a recent interview with Rolling Stone, he admitted hitting women, Empire showrunner Lee Daniels has defended his lead star. But Daniels’ approval isn’t good enough for Williams.

“I feel like between him allegedly being abusive to women in his personal life, him giving an 18-page nutty interview to Rolling Stone magazine where he talked about all kinds of nuttiness…it’s usurped his entire situation at Empire, and the show could do without Terence Howard,” Williams said. “I’m sorry. It’s the way I feel.”

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