Wendy Williams Hit With Class-Action Lawsuit by Former Intern
Getty Images

Anthony Tart, a former intern on The Wendy Williams Show is hitting Lionsgate with a class-action lawsuit.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Tart claims that he and other interns are entitled to payment for their work on the talk show. 

Tart claims that under New York and federal labor laws he and the other interns were entitled to payment because the work that he was responsible for didn’t meet the Department of Labor’s standards for unpaid internships.

According to Tart, his tasks on the show included washing dishes, getting coffee, throwing out garbage, and picking up art supplies, all of which benefitted the production company but provided the interns with no academic or vocational training. He adds that the tasks completed by the interns would have required hiring employees in their absence.

Tart is proposing a class to cover former and current interns on The Wendy Williams Show, which is estimated to be about 100 people.

A Lionsgate spokesperson declined to comment.