“I know I make some people cringe. But I also know my willingness to expose myself, warts and all, is part of the reason people are drawn to me. With me, what you see is what you get…” —Wendy Williams
From radio to TV and now to “Dancing with the Stars” — Wendy Williams does it all! Now, she graces ESSENCE’s first-ever “Girlfriends Issue,” dedicated to friendships. Here, Williams talks to ESSENCE about friendship, family and the driving force behind the talk show queen’s appeal.

On TV, she says the things no one else will. But what’s she like when the spotlight goes off? Wendy tells ESSENCE how she’s doing!
**ESSENCE will also declare April 13th as “Girlfriends Appreciation Day” in honor of “besties” everywhere. Join women for this celebration of sisterhood, and do something extra special for your “bestie” on that day — whether it’s a spa treat, a trip to the mall, or dinner at her favorite restaurant. Also, log on to our Twitter and Facebook pages to upload a picture of your bestie and tell us why she’s special to you — all for a chance to win a “Girlfriends Appreciation Day” T-shirt!

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