Wendy Williams on ‘DWTS’ Comments: ‘I’m Not Fighting With Nene’
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Wendy Williams wants to clarify what she meant by saying that Nene Leakes wouldn’t win Dancing With The Stars this season. 

During a recent taping of her talk show, Wendy touched on the comments, saying that they weren’t personal shots but a general prediction.

“I always predict who is gonna win Dancing With The Stars. Now, I’m not saying I’m right. All I’m saying is no, NeNe’s not gonna win, but neither is Billy Dee Williams,” said the talk show host. “I told them all they won’t win. But I get it, people enjoy when Black girls fight with one another. But I’m not fighting with Nene.”

Williams’ explanation didn’t come before NeNe had a chance to state how she felt about the statement, in an exclusive interview with ESSENCE the star said, “Wendy was not going to win because she had two left feet. That was her issue. I know she might want to put me in the same box that she’s in but I’m not. I don’t have two left feet. I have a left and a right foot.”

NeNe was all smiles as she debuted her dancing skills on the first episode of the show Monday.

She even got a great review from Williams herself; “She danced fabulously… Yup, when she pooched her lips, I knew that she was really having fun with it, instead of dancing with the struggle face, which I danced with,” said Williams.