Another Woman Has Been Murdered After Turning Down A Marriage Proposal

How many more women have to lose their lives after turning down a man?

In yet another instance of the disturbing epidemic, the family of a 44-year-old mother from Indiana has been left heartbroken and distraught after she was killed by her boyfriend for turning down his attempted marriage proposal. According to The Washington Post, Jason Eaton told police he went to girlfriend Wendy Sabatini’s home last week with an engagement ring, intending to ask her to marry him. Before he could get the words out, Eaton reportedly said Sabatini turned him down. In response, police say Eaton then retrieved a gun from the bedroom nightstand and shot Sabatini in the head. He later made his way to the police station with a different woman, where police say he confessed to Sabatini’s murder and gave them his account of what happened.

Officers found Sabatini’s body when they went to her home to check on her after Eaton’s confession. Her teen son was reportedly present at the residence when police arrived, but was unaware of what happened earlier and assumed his mother was still at work. In addition to her deceased body, police also retrieved the gun Eaton used to take her life in the bedroom. Police reported that Sabatini died from a single gunshot wound to the crown of her head.

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Sabatini’s son, Lake, spoke briefly with Fox59 following the shooting, sharing that he knew his mother – who was divorced – would turn down a marriage proposal because she simply did not want to get remarried.

“Anybody instantly would fall in love when you met her,” Sabatini’s son added. “She was a wonderful person.”

Eaton is set to be charged with murder for Sabatini’s killing. The investigation into her death is still ongoing.


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