Ditch that time for reset over the weekend and go brunching with your squad. I myself am a self-proclaimed foodie and this occasion keeps my world spinning round. Did you not know brunch was a thing? Well, it is time to get on this wave and the first step is to find the most affordable brunch spots in town. No matter what major city you are in, restaurants are starting to notice this trend and are giving the people what they want. There are so many solid options, including Mexican, Italian, American, Spanish cuisine and more. That is the first key to a successful brunch, but I have four others that you might want to write down.

1. Pre-pick

Before you step out of the house for brunch, it is a must that you take a look at the menu. Sometimes, restaurants give you a two-hour limit and you want to make the most of that time. Have your three top choices picked out before you arrive. I always recommend you ask the waiter, “What’s your favorite meal on the menu.” If you get a loyal waiter, they will be brutally honest even if they have to look around to make sure no one is eavesdropping.

2. Come to Slay

You must always come dressed to kill! The best thing about dressing for brunch is you can make the most of statement pieces. Grab a patterned blazer, a metallic necklace or put on your favorite dress and let them know how you’re really trying to act at brunch. I recommend you break the rules and always look for inspiration on social media. Fashion gurus have saved my life when it comes to dressing up.

3. Bottomless

Always, and I repeat always, make sure the restaurant has bottomless mimosas. Brunch may be the only pass you get for drinking before noon. I know you’re probably thinking that this can get expensive, but you can find this deal as cheap as $8. The concept of endless mimosas is unheard of. It may be quite bougie, but I am here for it!

4. Find The Light

Don’t be that person on their phone during the entire brunch. I recommend you and your friends set aside a time to gram or snap the occasion. The key to a great photo is absolutely the lighting. No amount of filtering can save you, but when you find soft and natural light, your picture will be even more Instagram worthy. No matter where you are, make use of the scenery and any areas with open windows for the best sunlight.

Logan Nelson (@logantylerr) is a senior Communication major at the University of Maryland. She is extremely passionate about being an advocate for women of color and takes pride in her creative generation.

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