White gowns and traditional vows aren’t the only wedding staples falling by the wayside these days. Modern brides are doing away with all the classic elements of a wedding in favor of custom details that are more personalized. Is it any surprise that wedding cakes aren’t as popular as they once were? Price does play a role. (Would you pay over $1,000 for dessert?) Now that brides feel less guilt about skipping the cake, they’re able to make room in their plans for fun alternative dessert ideas like these:

A Doughnut Bar
Display an assortment of your favorites for guests to grab and go during their dance breaks. Best Part: Gourmet donuts can be created to look like anything you want, so you can still be super creative.

Milk and Cookie Bar
The classic childhood treat will always be a late-night hit for all ages. Your guests will jump at the chance to grab a handful of fresh baked cookies on their way out the door. The milkshakes just seal the deal.

Cake Pops
Imagine a yummy, bite-sized piece of cake on a lollipop stick. That’s a cake pop. It’s the perfect sweet treat for guests who can’t wait to cure their sweet tooth and hurry back to the dance floor.

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