In Chris Rock’s ‘Good Hair,’ stars like Nia Long and Meagan Good were refreshingly candid about their experiences with weaves (the movie’s worth checking out for Long’s description of “weave sex,” alone). But the one thing no one touched upon? The dreaded stale smell that inevitably happens when you leave your extensions in too long, or go too long between washes (by the way, smelly weaves don’t necessarily mean you’re not taking good care of your ‘do…the hair is a magnet for environmental odors like cigarettes and food). Enter Organic Root Stimulator Weave RX Hair Freshener ($4.99), an oil-free, virtually weightless formula that instantly refreshes bonded weaves, sew-in weaves, wigs, and hair pieces. Unlike perfumed hair spritzes, this spray doesn’t mask odors, it eliminates them altogether! The Hair Refresher doesn’t only work wonders on weaves–spritz it on the third or fourth day of your blowout for just-stepped-out-of-the-salon crispness! Read More: