A few years ago I had never heard of oil pulling as a method of oral detoxification. It’s a fairly popular Ayurvedic healing practice that dates back 5,000 years and it has many wellness/beauty benefits that extend far beyond the mouth itself. It’s an easy way to rid the body of toxins by swishing an oil in your mouth twice a day — and it’s 100% natural and completely safe. I was ready to try it.

I began with a few switches and gargles of a teaspoon amount for about 2 minutes. So far so good. Five minutes later my mouth began to feel really thick and almost as if I were eating a really thick yogurt. It didn’t have a smell, and I didn’t feel “healthier” — was it working?

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Although my jaw hurt, I kept with it and 10 minutes later I realized that holding the liquid in my mouth became even more difficult. It was very warm, gooey, and even doughy. As the bacteria “stuck” to the oil and eventually dissolved my mouth became a science lab. Maybe this wasn’t so bad afterall…

Overall it was a great experience. I noticed my breath was fresher, and my teeth looked shinner. Oil pulling won’t replace my dental routine, but I’m sure I’ll add it to the mix.

Have you tried it? Would you do it?