We Have Questions: Seriously, Which One Is The Mom?

It’s no secret that melanin is our very own personal fountain of youth; and though my 96 year-old grandmother doesn’t look a day over 60, there are times when even I, as a beauty editor, am impressed by the wonders and mysteries of melanin. The latest photo to break the internet has send the viral world a buzz causing everyone to question, which woman in this photo is the mother, and which two are the twins? We had a roundtable discussion in our beauty department to try to figure it out, but even we were stumped—once you start to compare necks to see which shows the most signs of aging, you know you’ve reached a plateau. While we weren’t able to come to a consensus, we’re willing to bet that they mother is either the smiling belle in the middle or the gorgeous girl in the blazer (left). Personally, I think the woman in the middle is the mother since the other two look more like twins.

On a lighter note, let this be a lesson in caring for your décolletage, if the skin on your face is flawless, your neck will often tell your age—unless you’re these women, obviously. We need to have a serious talk with the mom (whichever one she is) about the magical youth elixir she’s adding to her skincare!

Seriously, though, which one is the mom? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below and on Facebook.

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