Battling breast cancer is one of the scariest ordeals a woman can go through. No matter what happens, no one survives breast cancer without being changed somehow. Many survivors often say they’ve lost their sex drive, whether it’s due to intense chemotherapy or low self-esteem due to a mastectomy or a lumpectomy. Feeling sexy after breast cancer can take some time, but with a little extra care, survivors can get back their mojo, and then some. Pamper yourself: After surviving breast cancer, it’s normal to have a lot of questions about your identity and your look. Do things for yourself that make you feel sexier, like getting a fierce new hairdo, visiting the nail salon or buying a sexy new nightgown. Tell him about it: Your partner has seen you through one of the hardest challenges in your life. It’s normal to feel less attractive after breast cancer, tell him how you feel. More than likely, he’ll reassure you that he still wants every inch of your body. Take it slow: It’s okay to take your time getting back into the grove. Tell your man that you’d like to start by just cuddling and sharing a heavy kissing session. When you’re ready you can move on to massages. You’ll be making love in no time. Explore your options: When you’re ready to go all the way, take a visit to your local sex shop or cruise online for fun products to spice things up in the bedroom. A brand new toy can move your focus from how you feel about your body to having some fun.