We’ve all stood naked in front of the mirror and picked the things that we hate about our bodies. Maybe the real problem isn’t your body at all, Yahoo Shine suggests. “Maybe you hate your job and had a terrible father, or you shrink from opportunities at work. It’s much easier to just say, “I hate my thighs,” than to dig into what’s really keeping our self-esteem in first gear.” It’s time to stop “using our bodies as shorthand for our life as a whole” and start loving the skin we’re in. We may find that other parts of our lives start to clear up once our negative attitude toward our naked bodies goes away. Yahoo Shine has come up with a few ways to “feel better about your naked bod (and maybe your whole life) — by tonight! “Luxuriate some kind attention on your body.” With our busy schedules, we stop remembering that we’ve got to show our bodies some love. “It could be as simple as keeping massage oil on your bedside table that you rub into your tight shoulders at night, a lotion you gently run onto your feet, or an aromatherapy treat that you dab onto your earlobes and temples for sweet dreams,” Yahoo Shine suggests. “Lose yourself in physical fun.” “When you’re focused on an activity, it’s really hard to let your thoughts dwell on anything, the bills or your body,” Yahoo Shine explains. “It gets you out of that constant stream of self-talk (which is very often self-criticism). But more importantly, it feels good to move freely, to be reminded of what your body can do.” Create a slamming mix on iTunes or call up a friend for a fun and energetic game. “Shift your focus to your favorites.” Stop stressing about your thighs or your belly and recognize on the areas of your body that you do love. “How about shifting your focus to an area you like, like your giant smile, gorgeous hair, strong calves, proud shoulders?” Yahoo Shine asks. “Turn your bedroom into a boudoir, your bathroom into a ladies lounge.” “Make your home a lair that supports your beauty,” Yahoo Shine recommends. “That means softening the light to make you glow, and wrapping yourself in fabrics that make you feel sumptuous.” “Use your imagination.” Use the fake it ’til you make it approach. Think about what it would “feel like to feel good about your body,” Yahoo Shine suggests. “Channel that woman for a whole day. When you feel yourself crossing your arms across your belly or trying to disappear when you walk down the street, stop yourself. Hold your head up high, stand up straight and imagine that you’re inhabiting the form of a woman who feels really good about her body.”