WATCH: A Discussion On Black Women, Fertility and Egg Freezing
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What if your 35th birthday came before Mr. Right or The Right Job and you still wanted to put starting a family on hold? Would you freeze your eggs? Have a baby with a friend? Skip motherhood altogether?

In the September issue of ESSENCE, Relationships Editor Charreah K. Jackson spoke with Tai Beauchamp about her decision to freeze her eggs for her piece “The Baby Rain Check” and it sparked a very interesting debate about fertility and age among Black women. We kept the conversation going. Jackson moderated a Google Hangout with panelists Beauchamp, Black Women’s Health Imperative Director of Programs Valerie Rochester, Fertility for Colored Girls founder Rev. Stacey Edwards-Dunn and Gynecologist and creator of Dr. Juliet Nevins. Watch it here!

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