Watch 100 Years of Black Hairstyles in 60 Seconds

Just in time for Black History month, released “100 Years of Beauty,” a historically accurate time lapse of popular natural hairstyles from 1910 to 2010.

Although we weren’t around for a fair amount of the styles, we couldn’t help but reminiscence at the oversized afro’s from the 70’s and box-braids from the 90’s. Black is, indeed, beautiful.

“Who are we ( to decide what an authentic representation of beauty is for black women?” director Mike Gaston told Yahoo Beauty. “I can’t say we made the right decisions, but I’m happy we didn’t let the fear of failing to do this well prevent us from doing it at all. If we took the easy way, we’d be submitting to our privilege—to not confront those things that make us uncomfortable. And by doing that, consciously accept our role in institutional racism.”

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The video is a follow up from the first “100 Years of Beauty” film, which showcases iconic hairstyles on a white model. Press play and enjoy 10 complete looks in one minute above, and when you’re done watch a side-by-side mash up of both series below. Which hairstyles from the past are you looking to bring back in 2015?

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