Wanda Sykes’ Advice to Paula Deen: ‘Shut Up!’
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Wanda Sykes has a piece of advice for Paula Deen: ‘Shut up!’

The comedian says the southern style chef should take a seat and let things be, according to the Huffington Post

Sykes, who’s set to host an all-female comedy special on OWN, told Jay Leno, “She should’ve had a friend just tell her, ‘you need to just shut the hell up right now.’ Just sit down and shut up. She’s out here blabbing on the TV. I thought on the Today show she should’ve ran out and just tongue kissed Al Roker… gave him a lap dance and said, ‘I got no problems with y’all!'”

Deen lost a number of business and endorsement deals over the last two weeks after admitting to using racial slurs in a legal deposition. She was let go from the Food Network, Smithfield, Walmart and Caesars Casino Company where many of her restaurants are located. In the fall out, Deen appeared on Today to formally apologize and clear her name. She also released two Youtube videos apologizing for her actions.

She also sought out Judy Smith, the inspiration behind the hit TV show Scandal, to save her crumbling career and bleeding pockets.

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