Parents beware. In the new documentary “Waiting for Superman,” you realize for every one Teacher of the Year there are about 1,000 bad ones and they are most likely educating your child. Great. Director Davis Guggenheim exposes the many icebergs crashing into our country’s sinking public school system. He interviews many education experts, including charter school maverick Geoffrey Canada, and follows five students (two Black, two Hispanic and one White) who, either based on their low-income status or academic challenges, are striving to enter alternative schools–the new promised land of education. Spoiler alert: The kid who wins a coveted slot needs the opportunity the least and this is when your heart breaks. While the film invokes an urgency to pull your child out of public school, the parting message is that change is viable and the steps are simple: Care about your kid’s education, care about the schools in your neighborhood, and care. Period.