Cincinnati’s Cintas Center is definitely the place to be tonight as Vivica A. Fox and Flex Alexander are on co-hosting duty for the 11th Annual Gospel Superfest. And what a line-up: Regina Belle, Dorinda Clark Cole, Karen Clark Sheard and her daughter, Ki Ki, Vickie Winans and The Whispers, just to name a few. caught up with Fox just before the show to chat about her return to hosting, what projects she’s got up her sleeve and why life after 40 is so fabulous. So, you’re in Cincinnati for Gospel Superfest!
Vivica A. Fox: Yes, I’m in the Midwest, in the snow and cold weather! This is the third time I’ve hosted the Superfest and the first time I’ll be working with Flex, which should be fun. Over 30 artists will be performing, but first, we’re having a soul food cook-off. It’s a great way to get people out and start the New Year off right. Speaking of the New Year, how are you doing with your 2010 resolutions?
Fox: I didn’t really make any resolutions this year. The main things I want for 2010 are to stay blessed and stay happy. Oh, and I also want to continue looking forward. Good point! I saw you on “The Wendy Williams Show” and you talked about looking forward with dating, too. How’s that going so far?
Fox: I love Wendy. She’s hilarious and I’m so glad she likes me. If you go on that show and she doesn’t like you, you’re in trouble! [laughs]

But to answer your question, I’m still happily-single. I know that everybody thinks that because I did the video with 50 that we’re back together, but no…we’re just friends. So, what projects do you have coming up?
Fox: Well, I’ll be playing KeKe Palmer‘s mom on the Nickelodeon show, “True Jackson”, and I have cameos in Queen Latifah‘s “Cookout 2” and David Arquette’s “The Land of the Astronauts”. I’m also in the process of developing my own reality show and my wig line, Fox Designs, will be coming out, too. As you may know, Essence is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. You’re 45 now. Can you tell us what you’re enjoying about your 40s?
Fox: To be honest with you, I’ve always looked forward to being older. I am so much wiser now. I embrace my age and I feel better than ever!

A lot of people are afraid to admit their age, especially when they [reach] their 40s, and I don’t know why. When you turn 40, you should be done with all of the junk. You should know who you are, who you like, what you don’t want and what you’re not going to do. These should be the wise years, when you’re confident and at your sexual peak–it should be on and popping. [laughs]

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