Although Viola Davis’ daughter, baby Genesis, is only 16 months old, Davis is ready to set her up on her first date. And not with just any little man, but with Sandra Bullock’s cutie, Louis.

I think we smell a romance brewing.

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She told People at last night’s “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close” New York premiere, “I’d absolutely love to set her up with Louis. That kid is so cute. He’s going to be a bruiser. But let’s try to get a play date in first. If they are ever in the same place, we’ll get them together.”

This SAG and Golden Globe nominee says motherhood has been an amazing ride thus far, citing it as her “purpose” in life. “Becoming a mother has opened up my whole life and given me a whole new purpose.”

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Even though she’s receiving so much praise for her work in “The Help,” she feels even more like a celebrity at home. “I feel like a star at home only because she loves me so much. I mean, it’s red carpet every day. It’s wonderful!”